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Wednesday 13 !!!

Wednesday 13 bio
wednesday 13 bio
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Wednesday 13!


Instrument: Vocals
Real Name: Joseph Poole
Age: 27
D.O.B: August 12th, 1976
Resides: Landis, NC
Marital Status: Wednesday 13 is married with 1 child (girl).
Previous Jobs: Delivering Magazines.
Previous/Other Bands: Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, MST
Favourite Super Hero: Mr.T or Morbius the Living Vampire
Influences: Horror Movies, Alice Cooper, KISS, Mötley Crüe, Tuff, Poison, FP, Twisted Sister, HanoiRocks, KFC
- Is the Murderdolls lead singer.
- Formerly played bass in the band when they were the Rejects.
- Contributed quite a few songs to the 'Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls' album from the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 days.
- His name is Wednesday 13 because at the time all the rockstars were using numbers as names and on the TV show, The Munsters, they're address was 1313. Then Wednesday chose make Wednesay part of his name because of, "...That little bitch Wednesday Addams."
- During his Frankenstein Drag Queens days, Wednesday's alter ego was Audrey 3.

Beyond the valley of the murderdolls - 2002:
slit my wrists
twist my sister
dead in hollywood
love at first fright
people hate me
she was a teenage zombie
die my bride
grave robbing USA
dawn of the dead
let's go to war
dressed to depress
Kill miss america
B-movie scream queen
motherf**ker i dont care
-=Bonus tracks=-
lets f***
I take drugs
White wedding *billy idol cover*
I love to say f***
Transylvania 90210- songs about death,dying and the dead- 2005:
post mortem boredom
look at what the bat's dragged in
i walked with a zombie
bad things
house by the cemetry
haunt me
transylvania 90210
i want you...dead
buried by christmas
elect death for presedent
rot for me
ghost of vincent price
bullet named christ